"Color" has its own story that has been told since ancient times. “Aka”, which means “opening” at night, represents the color of the sun and was reproduced as a sacred color that is the source of power. The blue of the azure earth and the azure sea are familiar to us as the colors of the earth. It was said. "Shiro", which can be dyed in many colors, has been offered in Shinto rituals since ancient times as a symbol of purity. And "black" that wraps all the colors that the sun "gives".
It is a manicure made to bring out the original beauty of yourself by dressing your fingertips in seasonal “colors” along with materials born from the natural world.
All products are quick-drying and dry quickly. You can apply it in a little gap time of the day. High quality European raw materials are used. We use plant-derived raw materials that have beautiful colors while reducing the burden on nails and the environment. The base coat, which touches the nails directly, contains amethyst and rose quartz to make you feel like you are part of the earth. The natural bergamot essence grown in the dazzling sun of Kochi Prefecture is blended with the nail oil, which along with the refreshing scent of citrus, makes you feel positive and calms your mind at times. The 15 basic colors are inspired by ancient Japanese colors and are made in the heart of Tokyo.